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WATCH: Citizen Steps in to Defend Innocent Man Being Harassed by Cops for 'Walking While Black&#


A man filming a police encounter accused officers of confronting an innocent man for "walking while black" when they stopped him out of nowhere and demanded to see the contents of his backpack.

Chicago – A man pulled over to record a police encounter after he watched an officer stop abruptly in traffic and confront a man who appeared to be walking down the street and minding his own business. The officer claimed he stopped the man because the color of his skin and his hat fit the description of a robbery suspect.

Bryan Urióstegui shared two videos on Facebook from an incident that occurred on South Cicero Avenue in Chicago on Monday. He said he was driving and decided to stop and document a police encounter when he saw an officer approaching a Black man who was walking on the sidewalk, listening to music on his headphones.

"Driving down S Cicero Ave we see this cop bust a U-turn and stop this black man who was just walking down the street jamming out. I felt the need to record and have his back," Urióstegui wrote. "Unfortunately my gut was right because the only thing this man was guilty of was WWB (Walking While Black). The cop even says 'I don't know if you were there or not' but still asks him for ID and to open his backpack. A clear violation of his rights. I hate that this STILL is a reality for people of color."

On the video, an officer can be seen standing right in front of a Black man on the sidewalk, demanding to see his driver's license. "This dude was literally just walking and this cop literally did a U-turn in the middle of traffic to stop this guy," Urióstegui said as he watched and recorded the scene from inside his vehicle.

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