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Turkish President Erdogan Implores Muslims To Seize Power Throughout Europe


Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is growing bolder as Muslims continue to flood Europe. He urges his fellow Muslims to obtain positions of power in areas throughout Europe to hasten the overthrow of Western Civilization that is underway.

"Personally take responsibilities in political parties and political mechanisms," Erdogan said in an appeal to Muslims in European Union states. His words were originally published in Aktuelle Nachrichten and then translated into English by Diversity Macht Frei.

While addressing AKP parliament members in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Erdogan noted that 60 percent of Turks in Germany voted for his preferred presidential system during a constitutional referendum that took place a year ago. He says this "means there is a power there. This power must also take effect in the local politics there."

Erdogan brought up the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) or the far-left DHKP-C in Europe as two entities that must be combated by Muslim influence in the years to come.

"Don't leave the politics there to the PKK. Don't leave the politics there to the DHKP-C," Erdogan said. "If our citizens, who are true to their country, their people, their flag and their call to prayer, stick together, they can be ten times, a hundred times more influential with political parties and politicians than them."

Erdogan was careful to urge Muslims to maintain their identity and refuse to assimilate into host cultures as they obtained political power.

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