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Against Humdrum Activism: A Critique of the Conventional Reaction by John Myers

•, Bill Buppert

"Cognitive dissonance is only dissonant if you recognize it"

– John Mosby Mountain Guerrilla

The evidence on the effectiveness of conventional forms of activism in curtailing Leviathan's march has been in for a long time. The sad reality is that protests, political machinations, and electoral politics have largely been completely ineffective except in isolated historically ripe circumstances.  20 steps in favor of the state eclipse every step made toward liberty. This is what the activist calls "victory."

Antiwar rallies have been running for the duration of the GWOT (Global War on Terror) yet the war has yet to be ended. States with Assault Weapons bans and similar laws all experienced massive protests during those legislative processes, yet the bans went into effect. You mean those letters to congressional offices and online petitions to the White House didn't work?

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