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The Mole Who Spied On Trump For Clinton And Obama Is Long-Time CATO Institute Stalwart


Last week, the intelligence asset who infiltrated and spied on President Donald Trump's campaign in the lead-up to the 2016 was revealed as Stefan Halper, a political operative who previously worked in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations.

What people are less likely to know is the fact that Halper is also a long-time favorite of the libertarian think-tank CATO Institute. The prestigious Washington D.C. institution hosted Halper numerous times throughout a span of decades as the organization's scholars colluded with Halper on books, papers and various other projects.

CATO prominently featured Halper's work throughout the years. He urged for a less belligerent foreign policy with his book "The Silence of the Rational Center: Why American Foreign Policy Is Failing." CATO hosted a conference to discuss that book back in 2007.

He also wrote a critique of the United Nations back in the 1990s as well for CATO. In this policy analysis, he bashed the UN as being secretive, wasteful, ineffective and even downright evil at its worst. He even expressed sympathy with the idea that the UN might need to be abolished.

"The United Nations is in dire need of reform, starting with a comprehensive, independent audit. Even if a complete audit were performed, however, there is no guarantee anything would be done about the problems identified. And radical change may not be possible, no matter how obvious the need. Given all the earlier, failed attempts to put things right, even on a limited basis, optimism about meaningful reform may be an exercise in wishful thinking," Halper said.

Echoing Trump's concerns, Halper warned of the China threat during a 2010 talk before CATO promoting his book, "The Beijing Consensus." He expressed concern that China's repressive authoritarian model for governance is rapidly becoming the model for the world, and this could jeopardize the spread of freedom and civil liberties on a global basis. He urged for a tougher approach to China, similar to one that Trump is implementing as President right now.

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