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You Won't Believe the New Slogan of the Democratic Socialist Party


The Democratic Socialists are in a state of panic. Their donations have dried up. The party is powerless to distribute funds to help influence local congressional elections. Once considered inevitable, the great "Blue Wave" is dead and the Democrats are dead broke. Meanwhile, the Republicans are rolling in donations. The Democrats have no choice but to engage in major false flag attacks and massive voter fraud. Voter fraud will not be enough to restart the mortally wounded Blue Wave. The Gay pride movement was once one of the mainstays of the Democratic Party. Now, that is in jeopardy as the highly influential Brandon Straka Is leading the LGBT away from the Democratic Party with a series of planned marches. In a last ditch effort, the Democrats are becoming even more extreme in terms of luring voters to their anti-American position. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE NEW SLOGAN OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY CONSISTS OF. Here it is….

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