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Antifa Terrorists Forming 'Red Army':


Two very important stories came across our radar this weekend that led to this story.

In the first from Spiked-Online titled "Now We Know: The 'Resistance' Is The Establishment", they perfectly illustrate for us America's present day situation where people like Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton and George Bush endlessly trash talk President Trump at John McCain's funeral (finally!) while considering themselves 'the resistance' according to this New Yorker story. Yet going back decades, they were THE establishment! 

The second story, which ties in perfectly with the first, from The Truth About Guns, was titled "The Violent Left Says They Want A Civil War: Antifa Forming A 'Red Army'" within which they take a look at one possible glimpse of the future with one group that has sprung up that is supporting the Obama/Bush/Clinton establishment actually having the nerve to call themselves 'anti-fascists' when they resort to fascist tactics to silence their critics. And as the Truth About Guns story tells us, now they're arming up for war.

The Truth About Guns story references this story over at Red Guards Austin titled "Oppose The Counterfeits: Antifa Must Take On A Paramilitary Character!" which argues:

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