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I'm Coming Out Of The 'Conspiracy Closet'

•, By James McDougall

I've been a free thinker since before I can remember, always asking questions and not just accepting the status quo. My Dad gave me the book "Was God An Astronaut?" when I was in my teens and I remember something about that book just really opening my mind to so many possibilities, thinking for days on end about how the pyramids were built, or wondering if humans were in fact somehow created by alien beings that seeded life on earth.

As I delved deeper down the rabbit hole, I started seeing the world very differently, learning about hidden energies, false flag attacks (which undeniably have happened throughout history), and really creepy stuff like Bohemian Grove, where, if you didn't know, some of the world's elite dress in black robes, have a mock (or maybe real) human sacrifice, and burn a massive wooden owl in effigy. The owl represents conscience–yes, they are literally burning their conscience for the year so they can justify not having one. I think we can agree this is a bit strange, and shows us how these people are not how they portray themselves to the world.

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