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How Republicans Could Pull Out a Win After America Votes for Incivility, Corruption, Fraud,...

• By Greg Holt

I heard it said this morning by a conservative radio host that the Dems retaking the House in the 2018 midterms was not really that big of a deal since the Republicans control the Senate, I disagree, it is a very big deal.  While it is true that the Republicans can do much to block the Politicrats agenda(s) as they control the Senate, let us not forget that the Politicrats can still accomplish tremendous damage.

This writer cannot fathom what the American people were thinking about when they handed the House to Democrats, that was a foolish move, very foolish.  Yes, yes, I know – tradition dictates the opposing party (of the party in the White House) always makes gains in the midterms.  Checks and balances and all that good stuff.  I suppose it is not all the voters fault (I'm being generous here), if one is not a seasoned political observer/analyst – it's not hard to get lost in what is really at stake.  I thought it was pretty obvious.

Voting for Democrats as a way to strike back at Trump or other Republicans who disappointed them in any way is akin to cutting your nose off to spite your face! 

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