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Blain: "Who Will Purchase The €275 Billion Of Debt Italy Expects To Issue In 2019?"

• by Bill Blain

I must stop reading newspapers. They are scary. Why worry about stocks and bonds when we've apparently got a pinwheel Nebula spinning at 12mm km/hour, named after the Egyptian God of Chaos (Apep), about to go Nova and its practically right next door – only 8000 light years away! That's like the desk next to me in galactic terms! If a Gamma Ray Burst from such an event hit we are all literally toast. Global Crash or Supernova? You choose. (

Rather puts things in perspective….

But, let's assume a Supernova is not going to happen before I collect my pension.. so back to the day job.

Another bad day in stocks and still it's the Tech companies that are leading the downside. Oil is taking a spanking, and if there was anything positive to say about the bond markets, bless me, but I can't find it.

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