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Doug Casey on the Government Shutdown, Part 2


Justin: What about the National Park System? National parks have closed due to the government shutdown.

Doug: True, the National Park System has been thrown into disarray.

This is another aspect of the government that should be privatized. The parks should be sold to corporations with the provision that they be maintained as parks. They could also be spun off into corporations, with the shares distributed to American citizens. There's no reason they should be a government function anymore than Disneyland should be. If they're profitable, they could pay dividends to the people, instead of extracting taxes from them.

In today's world, I'm surprised the usual suspects don't accuse the Park Service of racism. Parks, museums and such are overwhelmingly used by a certain class of white people – very few blacks from the ghetto are to be seen in Yellowstone. The same is true of BLM [Bureau of Land Management] land used by hunters. It's likely someone will throw in a charge of sexism, since almost all hunters are men.

But services like parks and museums are always the first things cut. Why? Because they make people feel like the government is necessary. When in fact it has no business running them in the first place.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development [HUD] absolutely should be abolished. It's responsible for "projects" like the Cabrini-Green and Pruitt-Igoe. It destroyed what were called "slums," and replaced them at huge expense with dehumanizing, intensely dangerous, vertical ghettos. Slums were at least privately owned and didn't make the residents feel like animals in a zoo. HUD's "projects," along with the approximately 70 different welfare programs, destroyed black culture and cemented the unfortunate residents to the bottom of society.

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