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REALLY!? Las Vegas' odds STUN political experts (and the 2020 president is…)


The smart money for 2020 is already being placed – and the safe bet is President Donald Trump!

Bookies don't make odds based on emotion, feelings or politics.

It's based on a single belief – the one thing every gambler has absolute faith in: The almighty buck.

When they make odds for placing bets, they want to make sure the house always wins – which is why their favorites in anything from sports to politics are always literal favorites.

And right now, they've put Trump at the top of book for 2020. Even the bookies that hate Trump.

The gambling website SportsBettingDime slammed Trump's presidency as a "complete and utter disaster."

But they also said he "somehow remains the overwhelming favorite" to win reelection in 2020.

"The Donald's current average odds of +110 are 990 points better than his next closest competitor," the website states. "That isn't just a gap – it's yawning chasm – and it could get even wider unless something changes soon."

That's not just the opinion of a single oddsmaker.

Sportsbook told The Washington Examiner they also have Trump as the easy favorite. They have him at 3/2, meaning you'll only win $3 for every $2 you bet on him if he takes the election.

That's the same odds the bookmaker had on Trump back in August, so despite the ups and downs in the polls… and despite the constant negative press… the president is holding steady where it matters most.

Even all the Democratic candidates declaring their own candidacies in recent weeks haven't changed the odds.

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., announced his run, the bookmaker didn't flinch.

"We had it as a foregone conclusion that he will be in the Democratic mix," company spokesman Dave Mason told the Examiner.

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