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Mother-of-five dubbed the 'Miss America of the gun community' is proud to have a house full.


A mother-of-five known as 'Miss America' in the gun community on Instagram has claimed that the country has a 'mental illness problem'. 

Casey Curry, 27, from Utah, is known for her Instagram page @BuffCookie, where she shares racy photos as she poses with guns and other weaponry.

Casey, who lives with her husband and their five children, revealed having a house full of her guns gives her 'comfort'.

When asked about America's gun crime rate compared to other countries, she said: 'We don't have a gun problem in our country, we have a mental illness problem. That should be our main focus.'

Casey's views echo that of President Trump, who told a rally last week that the closure of mental institutions in the 1950s had led to an increase in gun violence in the country. 

On Friday he told the rally in New Hampshire: 'It's not the gun that pulls the trigger. It's the person holding the gun.' 

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