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Video games giant Blizzard strips professional gamer of his earnings and bans...


A top online gamer from Hong Kong who was expelled from an international eSports tournament after showing support for the city's protest movement said he has no regrets. 

Ng Wai Chung, who represents the Asia-Pacific region under the name Blitzchung, had just won a crucial match at the Hearthstone Grandmasters tournament when he voiced his support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement. 

The gamer donned a gas mask and goggles - equipment frequently used by protesters in Hong Kong - and exclaimed in Mandarin 'Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times' during a live-streamed interview with hosts in Taipei on Sunday. 

Last Saturday, a ban on gas masks for protesters came into effect after Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam invoked emergency powers. 

Hearthstone is a hugely popular online card game in which two opponents take turns to deploy different characters with different abilities to try to defeat each other.