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Deathbed Scurvy

•, By Bill Sardi

The latest study of intravenously infused vitamin C/vitamin b1/cortisone treatment of sepsis (blood poisoning), a deadly malady that is killing over 500,000 hospitalized patients a year, failed to show any significant survival benefit when compared to cortisone (adrenal stress hormone) alone.

Since Paul E. Marik MD of the Eastern Virginia Medical School reported in 2017 a striking reduction in mortality (from 40.4% to 8.5%) in the intensive care unit when vitamin/cortisone therapy was administered (Chest, June 2017), 37 studies were subsequently launched to confirm or dismiss Dr. Marik's results.

Dr. Marik, responding from the Critical Care Reviews Meeting in Belfast, says the most recently published study, known by the acronym VITAMINS, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (January 17, 2020), does "not reflect real-life experience and may have consciously or subconsciously been pre-designed to fail" (personal email Jan 18, 2020).