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1919 BEK (Black Eyed Kids) Incident in Sandoval, Illinois Disclosed

• arclein

My grandfather said that riding the trains was dirty. You'd get grease on you and coal dust and sometimes you get cuts on your hands or knees (he lost his leg doing the very thing which kept him out of the war). But these kids, from what he said, were pristine - like they were going to Sunday school. They weren't sweating and their hair was neat and it struck him as odd. If they had walked in open fields in the middle of the heat they would be unkempt or disheveled. He asks again if they would like to sit on the porch and the girl (it was a boy and girl but the boy didn't speak) just repeated "May we come in?" and then she just kept asking "May we, may we, may we…" over and over again until my grandfather slammed his hand down and says "Damn you both, no!" The girl stopped speaking and he said they both just stood quiet until the girl looked at him, 'eyes black like coal' and said once more "Mister, may we please come in?"