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Trump Threatens to Cut Funding to Schools That Don't Reopen in Fall

• by Matt Palumbo

More people over the age of 100 have died from the coronavirus than 24 and under in the U.S., and there are quite a bit more people age 24 and younger.

Dr. Fauci warmed to the idea too earlier this month, saying that the idea of keeping schools closed in the fall over safety confirms is "a bit of a reach." Those comments came days after Rand Paul made the case for reopening in a hearing with Fauci, where Paul pointed out that 22 European countries had reopened schools without any spike in cases. "Contact tracing studies in China, Iceland, Britain, and the Netherlands failed to find a single case of child-to-adult infection." he elaborated.

President Trump has since led the charge to reopen schools, yesterday holding a White House event where he said he would put pressure on governors who refuse to reopen.

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