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Lumber industry facing shortages amid pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has affected business operations and manufacturing in countless ways, leading to shortages in a variety of products, including some appliances and building materials.

Wehrung's Lumber and Home Center in Ottsville, Bucks County attributed the shortage to stalls at mills in the south and increased interest in home improvement projects when stay-at-home orders were implemented.

"People at home, wondering what to do, not going on vacation this summer so they're building the deck they wanted instead of going on vacation," said Chuck Reiman, the company's vice president.

"Our treated companies are rationing what they'll ship to each individual lumber yard. From one I'm guaranteed three trucks a month, the other I'm guaranteed three or four, which is barely enough to get us by," Reiman said.

Reiman said the shortage coupled with high demand led to a drastic increase in price too. The current rate of lumber is 80% higher than it was in March.