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Teen, 17, Absurdly Charged With Murder In Kenosha For DEFENDING Himself --

• by JD Heyes

Democrats are walking, talking double-standard hypocrites who only enforce laws when it suits them — as is the case in Kenosha, Wis., where a 17-year-old teen has been charged with murder over a clear act of self-defense.

On Tuesday, for the third straight night, Black Lives Matter and Antifa agitators and anarchists took to the streets of the once-sleepy city of about 100,000 people on the banks of Lake Michigan to loot, burn, destroy and terrorize citizens.

You know the story well, by now: A white police officer shoots an 'unarmed' black man, and without knowing any details or waiting for an explanation, BLM and Antifa supporters use it to justify destroying major portions of large cities.