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'Satan's Communists And Anarchists' Brutally Attack Peaceful Conservatives...

•, By Stefan Stanford

If Americans needed any more proof that 'black lives don't really matter' to democrats in 2020, we get it from San Francisco, California where the unfolding of America's next civil war just took another giant leap forward. And the latest acts of leftist terrorism there against peaceful anti-censorship protestors gives law-abiding Americans all across the country another reason to ARM UP AND AMMO UP now in preparation of defending our families and loved ones from leftist terrorism. 

As The Sun reports in this new story, during an anti-big-tech-censorship protest organized by 'Team Save America' activist Phillip Anderson, who is a black man by the way, antifa terrorists descended upon the rally, jumping Anderson and quite literally knocking his teeth out.

Also filmed throwing rocks and other debris at the pro-America, anti-censorship group that had secured a permit and was holding the peaceful protest legally, anyone who thinks that the rest of 2020 and into 2021 will unfold peacefully in America needs to take a look at what happens to black men who go against 'black lives matter' and the democrat agenda, with antifa terrorists violently attacking law enforcement in San Francisco as well.