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China exploiting Caribbean nations to build military and missile bases --

• by Franz Walker

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) looks to be implementing a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean that may have the ultimate objective of building military bases in the region. The situation looks to be analogous to what China has done in the South China Sea, where the People's Liberation Army built new islands and militarized them, despite promises not to do so.

In an op-ed in the Gatestone Institute, Lawrence A. Franklin warns against the dangers of China's increased investment in the region both economically and militarily.

"Belt and Road" initiative a debt trap for Caribbean nations

The CCP is investing heavily into the establishment of a Caribbean Belt and Road Sector as a way to make inroads into the region. This includes construction projects such as the modernization of airports and seaports.

But the op-ed points out that these efforts also create an opportunity for China to suborn the sovereignty of countries in the Caribbean by luring them into a debt trap, making them economically dependent on China.