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After Trump, the pro-war GOP is getting the band back together

•, by W. James Antle III

Remember the "Miss Me Yet" billboards featuring George W. Bush that cropped up during Barack Obama's first term? A signature accomplishment, if it can be so described, of Donald Trump's presidency is that they are now in effect being erected in the pages of the New York Times.

The latest installment of the Bush rehabilitation tour now has the former president appearing in the media outlets that were once critical of him to lament the current state of the Republican Party: "nativist," "protectionist," and of course "isolationist." While much of the strange new respect directed toward Bush concerns immigration, an issue on which many of his detractors have long admired him in contrast with other Republicans and the subject of his new book of portraits, a substantial part of his displeasure with the GOP stems from its abandonment of his foreign policy.