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US Space Force has fired its first shots of the drug war


Space Force is the newest US military branch, and it has now joined the US's longest-running war.

The 45th Security Forces Squadron seized roughly 65 pounds of cocaine found on a beach at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on May 19.

The squadron is part of Space Launch Delta 45 based at Patrick Space Force Base on Florida's Atlantic coast. The base was renamed after Space Force was formed; the new branch also renamed its units "deltas."

A wildlife manager with the 45th Civil Engineer Squadron, another Space Launch Delta 45 unit, found one package of what appeared to be drugs while conducting a sea turtle nesting survey on the beach, Space Launch Delta 45 said in a release this month.

Twenty-four packages were found, and a narcotics agent from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office used a field test to confirm that they contained cocaine. The sheriff's office estimated the total value at $1.2 million.