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"Don't Take Me for Granted"

•, by NM Gordon

Perhaps a little freedom lost in exchange for security and comfort may seem like a fair trade in certain cases.  But caution is advised.  As the idea of what freedoms are acceptable to give up expands, the air of freedom becomes polluted.

Small losses of freedom, whittled away incrementally, add up.  You may not notice it from day to day.  Yet over time the sum losses have resulted in a world that's dramatically less free.

Compulsory seatbelt requirements or drivers licenses may not be a big deal.  One could argue this government regulation is a small sacrifice that's intended to provide public safety.  Yet maybe the world would be a better off without it.

And what about body scan searches to board an airplane?  Or proof of vaccination to enter an indoor business or to cross state lines?  What about vaccine passports?

Do these measures make you safe?  What about government issued digital money, and the banning of cash transactions?

By and large, privacy in America, and throughout the world, no longer exists.  The surveillance state runs rampant.  Facial recognition technology is vastly improving.  The monitoring of financial transactions has become a staple of the 21st century.

The SEC, IRS, FCC, FDA, EPA, TSA, DOJ, DOD, FTC, CIA, FBI, DEA, Department of Labor, Department of the Interior, Commerce Department, and much, Much, More.  These bureaucratic agencies all have an intended purpose that was, at one time, deemed necessary by those elected to represent the people.