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FINAL WARNING: It Is 1938 and They Are Coming for All Conservatives

•, By Dave Hodges

This warning needs to serve as the impetus to spring into a defiant mode of resistance to the criminal cabal that has illegally seized control of our government.

I Have Been Warned and Now It Is Your Turn
I have always known that I was playing with fire with regard to my advocacy work and investigative journalism in the Independent media. My warning call occurred yesterday that I have arrived at zero hour for planned genocide of my group.

When I was a teenager, I became friends with two men, through the game of basketball, and we will call them  "Richard" and "Steve". They were both brilliant, funny, a very good basketball players and we became good friends. I remained friends with both men until I moved to Arizona in the 1980's. They both became professionally and politically successful and I did not know the extent of their successes until I read about it on the internet in recent years. "Richard" was really the second person that fit this description. Although we had different political views from the beginning, we were good friends. People in the 70's and 80's used to be able to tolerate differences and remain friends. Over the course of two years,  I attempted to reach both people. My work in the media has brought several of my former friends and colleagues back into my life in recent years. Subsequently, I have reached to some in that time as well. "Steve" responded to my inquiry about how he was doing and we have sporadically communicated and we have actually socialized when I visit family in Colorado. "Richard" ignored my communication and it was personally hurtful because we had so many good memories.