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What guests REALLY notice about your house:


The pandemic revealed just how much people around the world love peering into other people's homes, with several of us secretly snooping on our friends and colleague's work space over video call. 

But now we're finally able to pay visits to our loved ones, whether you've just moved in or recently had your place renovated, you may find yourself wondering what it is that attracts the attention of guests in your home.  

A new study from used eye-tracking technology to pinpoint the areas of each room in the house that are the most eye-catching, and hold our gazes the longest, to reveal what people really pay attention to when they visit our homes. 

FEMAIL reveals  the top items in our homes that people focus on the most - including kitchen floors, bathroom mirrors, home office chairs and throws on a bed.

If you're looking for quick fix to spruce up your bathroom you could be in luck, because coming top of the list wasn't the bath or shower, but the mirror - with 177 views throughout the duration of the study. 

Also ranking highly was sink drawers - which had the second highest number of views, and viewers looked at them for the longest - the sink itself, tiles, the toilet, the bath, the cabinet, the shower and the bathroom window. 

Plants also saw a fair bit of attraction while lighting, taps and toilet roll holder are the things that people looked at the least. 

The toilet roll holder had the least total views, with only 10 total. Despite this, those that did look at the loo roll holder spent more time looking at it than several other bathroom elements, including the towel rail, taps and plants.