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Australia: Anti-Lockdown, Pro-Life Catholic Man Replaces former Premier Gladys Berejiklian


Dominic Perrottet is a conservative within his party who has denounced the "almost religious devotion of the political left to climate change", opposed same-sex marriage, criticized "pronoun police" who impose gender neutral language, and challenged Australia's pro-abortion legislation in 2019. He supports a free-market economy to improve living conditions for Australian families and to strengthen the economy of Australia. Perrotte said before his appointment that he would end radical Covid policies that include indefinite lockdowns, restrictions on businesses and places of worship, and mandatory vaccinations. -GEG

On Tuesday morning, 39-year-old conservative Catholic Dominic Perrottet was elected the 46th Premier of New South Wales in a 39-5 landslide.

This followed the shock resignation of Gladys Berejiklian amid corruption investigation, signalling the dawn of a new era in Australian politics.