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TikTok star is shocked to discover Amazon has more than 3,000 recordings of her stored...


TikTok star was left shocked, after discovering Amazon had more than 3,000 recordings of her voice from an Echo speaker, including her location and contacts.

The data privacy campaigner, who goes by the username, asked Amazon to send all data it has on her, including from smart speakers.

Within her home she has two echo dots and an echo show, as well as smart bulbs - all of which gathers data on her life as she interacts with Alexa.

Amazon sent her a large file containing multiple folders, including one with over 3,500 short audio clips, including of her turning on the lights.

One of the more disturbing discoveries in the data was a set of contacts for friends, family and colleagues taken from her phone she 'doesn't remember syncing'. 

An Amazon spokesperson said they give customers transparency and control over their Alexa experience, allowing them to easily review and delete voice recordings, or choose not to have them saved at all.  

The privacy TikToker didn't know what to expect when she put in a request, and was surprised to find they had so much information on her.

She said in the short video she was 'not totally comfortable' with her findings, especially discovering one file with the exact latitude and longitude of her house.

To request your information from Amazon you visit the Amazon help pages where you can request data by service, or for every area of Amazon.