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Is There a Numerological Message Hidden in the Sumerian Kings List?

• arclein

Recently the Sumerian Kings List came to my attention in relation to the numerology and metaphysics of 108. I was contemplating the validity of the application of the idea pertaining to the 8 (8 is symbolic for a complete set that is applicable to the infinite, like the 8 trigrams of The I'Ching) Immortal Kings who ruled in 5 (the number of elements in Chinese Taoist dynamic element system) different cities over a long period of time. 8 is in and of itself the number of immortality and the infinite. One city, Bad-tibara, was home to three of the kings who ruled for a total of 108,000 years. These kings ruled in time periods of 43,200, 28,800 and 36,000 (36 is one-third of 108) years for a total of 108,000 years. The 36,000 and the 108,000 reasoned applying the 108 arithmetic.

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