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Bad Cases Make Hard Law

•, By eric

As the late and very great commentator Will Grig was fond of saying – and right to say – there is no situation so bad that calling the cops (AGWs) won't make worse.

As here.

Instead of handling the situation with the force necessary to arrest the thug, the three AGWs beat the thug, raining punches and kicks upon him, all caught on video. These thugs – who are also idiots (who doesn't appreciate the fact that people record everything these days?) have all been "suspended" as a result. But the worse result will likely be that the thug they beat will walk. And with his pockets full of taxpayers' money, as recompense for the beat-down administered by the thugs.

Some badge-lickers object to AGWs having their "qualified immunity" rescinded, which would open them up to being civilly sued by those they abuse – including ordinary street thugs – and personally made to pay for the damages awarded.

Which might act as deterrent and reduce the abuse.

Aren't these AGWs supposed to be "trained" to handle situations? And if they aren't – or are unable to handle such situations – why involve them in such situations, at all?

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