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A Startup Is Using Recycled Plastic to 3D Print Tiny $25,000 Prefabricated Homes in LA

•, By Andy Corbley

Born in Culver City, the startup Azure is mostly using recycled plastic water and drink bottles to create homes that are 90% complete by the time they leave the factory.

By blending the manufacturing speed of 3D-printing with the assembly speed and modular possibilities given by prefabrication, Azure's houses are a game changer for sustainability in the housing industry.

The startup says it can build homes 70% faster and 30% cheaper than "traditional home construction methods" by 3D printing the floor, roof, and walls of its models inside its factory.

Practically all that's left to be done at the build site is to connect the prefab panels to each other, and to the foundation, and connect the utilities.

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