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Never Mind Threats to Power Grids, Fires, Recalls, Other Issues, --

• by B.N. Frank

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been associated with threatening power grids (see 12), fires (see 123456789), health and environmental issues (see 1234, 5, 67), and high costs (see 1234)  In fact, a survey published in July revealed that many Americans are still not interested in owning or leasing them because of costs and of course, other concerns as well.  Those basing their decision strictly on cost may be not interested for a while longer.

From Zero Hedge:

Lithium Prices Hit New Record As EV Affordability Concerns Mount

by Tyler Durden

While California banned the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035, and the Biden administration unveiled $900 million in new funding to build electric vehicle charging stations, rising lithium prices could derail the EV revolution.

The progressive view is that EVs will save the planet from catching on fire because green vehicles would eliminate the harmful carbon emissions of fossil fuel vehicles. Though a widespread rollout of EVs depends on affordability, and EVs are way more expensive than gas-powered.

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