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Patriots Want Work & Freedom, Socialists Want Guaranteed Income For Not Working

•, By Andrew Wallace

1. Patriots are not slaves and will fight before they allow their labor to feed the wealthy and would be Communists who don't want to work..

2. Not to worry, either the fiat money runs out or inflation makes the fiat money handouts worthless. Only a return to gold standard can stop this crime against the people and the wealthy will fight this tooth and nail.

3. We could return to the Constitutional Gold Standard which would put an end to inflation and prolific government spending on wars and handouts in excess of revenue.

4. We could finance the government with Tariffs as we did in the past, and following the Constitution terminate the Income Tax and Federal Reserve Bank. Tariffs would also return manufacturing to the United States.

5. Supreme Court  could force Federal Establishment to return a majority of their usurped functions to the states which would end federal no work welfare in all its forms.

6. The old people referred to as "Useless Eaters" by the Communists will refuse to participate in euthanasia to make funds available to feed the indolent who could work, but refuse.

7. We could terminate the income tax which is only needed to fund no win wars for profits of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) .Tax also transfers wealth of the people to the rich and funds the idle looters and arsonists in Inner City Plantations