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Biden's DOJ Arrests Sam Bankman-Fried Preventing Him from Incriminating Himself Before Congress

• by Health Impact News

....precluding him from congressional sworn testimony and answering questions asked by Republican members of the Financial Services Committee. 

The Justice Department's action essentially muzzled SBF although he seemed eager to speak about his actions and had already incriminated himself in interviews. SBF is accused of diverting customer funds from his FTX cryptocurrency exchange to support his hedge fund, Alameda Research. The range of charges includes wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, securities fraud, securities fraud conspiracy, and money laundering. Democrat recipients of SNF's donations have not been revealed. Critics question who is being protected by the DOJ's effective silencing of SBF.

SBF's parents have left their positions as law professors at Stanford University and are reportedly in the Bahamas with their son. His father, Joseph Bankman, is a tax professor and was a paid employee of his son's company. His mother reportedly worked with him on some of these massive donations to Democrats.  The parents are reportedly now concerned that the legal costs in the case could "wipe them out."

Within one day the entire narrative surrounding the downfall of Billionaire Crypto King Sam Bankman-Fried has gone from "why hasn't this guy been arrested yet," to "what is the government afraid he is going to reveal?"

Who all is this guy connected to, and just how far does the corruption spread?

On November 22, 2022 QTR's Fringe Finance published an article titled: Why Isn't Bankman-Fried In Handcuffs Yet?