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Norwegian Actress Faces 3 Years In Prison For Saying Men Can't Be Lesbians

•, by Tyler Durden

This as various countries' laws get narrower and narrower over what can or cannot be said regarding 'gender identity'. 

A woman in Norway is being threatened by the government with a stiff prison sentence for the alleged "hate speech crime" of pointing out that a man cannon become a lesbian.

What's more is that the filmmaker and actress currently under investigation by Norwegian authorities, Tonje Gjevjon, is herself a lesbian - and quite a prominent personality in popular culture as well. On the other side, is a "transgender female" who claims to be a "lesbian mother" named Christine Jentoft, who has a history of publicly denouncing people for 'transphobia'.

Gjevjon's offending words which triggered outrage were previously posted to Facebook as follows:

"It's just as impossible for men to become a lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant. Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes," the post stated.

She was then informed on November 17 that there's now a formal criminal investigation which was opened by prosecutors for allegedly violating national laws related to protecting "gender identity and gender expression".

Gjevjon has long been on record as saying that the trans agenda is in reality "harmful" and "discriminatory"  for women, especially lesbians. Last year, for example, she called on government ministers to "take action to ensure that lesbian women's human rights are safeguarded, by making it clear that there are no lesbians with penises, that males cannot be lesbians regardless of their gender identity."

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