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Jan. Sixers Are Using Sovereign Citizen Defenses to Try and Get Out of Prison

•, Kelly Weill

On October 28, long after pleading guilty to brawling with police inside the U.S. Capitol, James Mault and Greg Rubenacker filed near-identical documents from inside Pennsylvania's Allenwood Low correctional facility.

"The United States District Court is a private for profit corporation. (It is not government owned)," read Rubenacker's handwritten filing. "This court was created in 1871, along with the new form of government without the backing of the 1787 Constitution of the United States for America [sic]. This court was created 14 years after the 1787 Constitution."

On these grounds, and what they described as other new legal revelations, Mault and Rubenacker requested their cases be dismissed. "If I knew about this information, I would of never plead guilty," Rubenacker wrote.

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