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The Dangers of Licensing

•, By eric

Well, so much for that, eh? 

Consider the contrary alternative – as applied to the practice of another profession. That of journalism. Anyone is free to write, without having to beg the state or a state-enforced guild of some kind (that's you American Medical Association) for permission to do so. Permission that is conditional. Permission that can be rescinded – and for more than what is styled "malpractice," as regards the practice of medicine.

The latter having become synonymous with obedience.

The state of California, as a for-instance, along with the medical guild that holds a sword of Damcoles over the heads of physicians in California via the threat of taking away their permission to practice, has been trying to do just that to any doctor who tells the truth about the inefficacy of "masks," alternatives to the "vaccines" or questions anything the state/guild state as absolute truths that may not be questioned.

And the truth is no defense.