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The Truth About CBDC's & What You NEED TO KNOW...

•, Jeff Berwick

The assault on cash has been waged for a very long while, but over the past few years it's accelerated into a full-blown war, aided and abetted by a psyop war in Europe, powered with American play-money. 

It goes like this: Fake a pandemic, create a war, inflate prices and lower or stabilize interest rates to give your savings a death blow. 

Just about a year ago BlackRock's CEO said that the Ukraine invasion could be used to accelerate the use of central bank digital currencies (CDDCs).

Talk about a Trojan Horse within a Trojan Pony. Like a Turducken, but you're the one that's going to be stuffed when CBDCs finally enable the global central planners to enslave the world. 

Ok, let's just for a minute try and forget which Monopoly-money-printing institution is behind the reason that your money is worth less and less. But that isn't where it ends. With CBDCs 

all your actions and movements are trackable and the Bank/Government has control over every penny you own, leading to

Frozen funds

Zero anonymity

Zero privacy

Social credit scores 

Cyber attacks, and


But, hey – it's all in the name of "convenience", right? 

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