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New Orleans high school students claim they have NEW proof for Pythagoras' theorem...


Two high school students in New Orleans think they have found a way to prove Pythagoras's Theorem in a way mathematicians previously said was impossible.

Calcea Johnson and Ne'Kiya Jackson said they have proven the famous theorem in a new way using an equation that is used in trigonometry. 

The two students of St. Mary's Academy - an all girls school in New Orleans's Plum Orchard - have now been encouraged by the American Mathematical Society to submit what they say is the groundbreaking new proof for peer review.

Earlier this month on March 18 they showed their proof at the society's semi-annual meeting in Georgia, and were reportedly the only high schoolers to present.

'It's very exciting it is that these young high school students presented at a major math conference,' said Catherine Roberts, executive director for the American Mathematical Society. 

'They spoke at a session that is meant for college undergrads and it's rare that high school students would be presenting in that way. That takes a lot of guts,' she added.

The pair appeared on local station WWL last week to talk about their experience presenting as well as their proof.

'There's nothing like it, being able to do something that people don't think that young people can do,' Johnson told WWL. 'You don't see kids like us doing this. Usually you have to be an adult to do this.'

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