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Why Are So Many Still Asleep?

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So many have died or become permanently injured. Yet, there are still people who will tell you how glad they are that they got vaxxed. How much worse it might have been if they hadn't gotten it. They are only, perhaps, paralyzed for life.

What the hell? I'm not exaggerating. I know some of these people. Are they purposely remaining asleep? Just too scared to listen to reason? I have to wonder. One of the guys my husband works with is one of them. He is always masked, wears two pairs of gloves at work, taped in place. After all, his wife works at the hospital, he will tell anyone who asks. I know her. She works in Housekeeping! Guess who has had COVID twice. He is so puzzled. It just isn't fair. It makes no sense. I asked my husband if he was red-pilling this dufus? He made a remark about urinating into the wind in not exactly those terms.

Are these people unconscious when Fauci or the CDC make statements, then down the road, expresses an opposite view on the same subject? When I hear those things, I challenge their veracity, at the very least. Why would I continue to listen to someone like that? Why would anyone trust them, especially when it comes to their health? It was hard for me to believe that so many Americans were so trusting. I have to say, I am somewhat prejudiced. I don't trust the vast majority of politicians. As for government agencies, well we won't even go there. I always ask myself, "What's in it for them? What do they stand to gain by taking that position on a subject? 

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