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Some Facts For Consideration

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

FACT:  Things than can't go on forever, don't.  Herb Stein's famous "rule" is good to remember in times like these – whether it is applied to Ukraine, the US debt and spending cycle, even this new US base being built in the territory another country where we have neither a treaty or permission to be there.

As an example of things that obviously can't go on forever – we could look at the mismatched US/NATO proxy war over Ukraine.  On one hand, you have a patient, strategic, well-supplied and well-led Army and PMC contractors doing the bidding of a domestically popular political leadership that entered the war reservedly but with valid nationalist, security and moral reasons.   On the other hand, you have a frenetic, confused, poorly-led and even less well-supplied and trained military, with an unpopular President who spends more time making demands than defending his people's interests.  On the third hand, you have the US/NATO men in suits who, in true elite fashion, consist of non-warriors, death cultists, narcissists, and useful idiots.

Can the Ukraine/NATO/US conflict persist for decades, as Dimitry Medvedev stated this week?  Medvedev linked his prediction to the persistence of Zelensky as the sitting head of the Ukrainian state, something that itself cannot go on for much longer.

This week, a US Senator claimed publicly with a smile that the billions of US wealth transferred to Ukraine is "the best money we ever spent" specifically, as Lindsay Graham stated, "[because] Russians are dying."

FACT:  Lindsey Graham has a death fetish, and is perfectly willing to steal taxpayer dollars to satisfy his murderous urges. He's been doing it for years, and he's not alone.  Half a million dead babies in Iraq (due to sanctions under the Clinton Administration), were similarly justified by then Secretary of State Maddie Albright.  An average self-respecting serial killer has more innate morality than some of our politicians.

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