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The Biggest War Battle on European Soil Since WW2 is HAPPENING right now -

• by Hal Turner

The largest war-fighting battle on European soil since WW2 is RAGING right now - today, June 8, 2023 - and not even a peep from the West's  so-called "main stream media!"

According to battlefield sources, Ukraine's first attack on Zaporozhye is almost repulsed.

A lot of Ukrainian soldiers are laying down DEAD in the minefields. They were simply driven forward by their commanders without properly preparing the passages. They say the picture is terrible, the enemy has a lot of DEAD or seriously wounded just lying on the battlefield.

It is likely Ukraine will regroup and drive a few more waves to the slaughter.

The Russians say "Our boys are ready and charged."

One Russian source said, "we are not sleeping, we are waiting!"

SO FAR . . .