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. . . Why Gold and Silver in the Safe Is Becoming BETTER Than Money in the Bank


As we've been learning since March, that's not always the case. Moreover, the central banks are pushing their digital currencies as hard as governments pushed the Covid jabs for two years.

Ira Bershatsky, managing member of Advisor Metals, has actively and aggressively opposed both CBDCs and Covid "vaccines" since they reared their ugly heads. He believe in America, and right now it makes sense for Americans to move portions of their wealth and retirement out of the banks, out of the stock markets, and into physical precious metals.

Briefly, here's why:

The rise of BRICS nations attempting to subvert the dollar means money in the bank may not be worth as much tomorrow as it was yesterday.

Woke ESG funds are starting to dominate managed investment portfolios because financial advisors have been incentivized by the Biden-Harris regime to direct your money into them.