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Report – Bush family CIA "oil intelligence mafia" wants to kill MAGA, stop Trump

•, by: Ethan Huff

And the Bush family dynasty, which Foundation for Freedom Online executive director Mike Benz calls a CIA "oil intelligence mafia," remains in full control of this geopolitical "liquid gold" mine.
Both major political parties, Benz explains in a lengthy series of X (formerly known as Twitter) posts, have been working hand in hand for many decades to keep this oil intelligence mafia in full control of world affairs – that is until Donald Trump arrived.

Once Trump gained control of the White House, the "red" side of politics quickly joined the "blue" side. And now both sides are vehemently opposed to Trump and are doing everything possible to stop his Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda from coming to fruition.

"You can basically think of D.C. politics, pre-2016, as being the Yale wing of the CIA vs. the Texas A&M wing of the CIA," Benz says, explaining that the right wing and the left wing both belong to the same bird: the CIA.

"When Trump took over the GOP, the Texas A&M wing jumped over to the Yale side," he adds, noting that the purpose of the left wing and the right wing joining sides was to save themselves politically, and to save their financial investments.

Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the oil intelligence mafia control the world – but not for too much longer

According to Benz, it is impossible to understand the current civil war taking place within the Grand Old Party, i.e., the Republican Party, unless you understand the geopolitics of West Texas and the vast oil reserves that exist there.