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Where Has All the Left-Wing Money Gone?

• arclein

This latest confirmation comes to us from that vicious little obsessive anti-Q Anon Slimes yenta, Michele Goldberg (cough cough). It must have pained the corpulent commie columnist greatly to write this piece. An excerpt from the opening: "As we stumble toward another existential election, panic is setting in among progressive groups because the donors who buoyed them throughout the Trump years are disengaging. 'Donations to progressive organizations are way down in 2023 across the board, said a recent memo from Billy Wimsatt, executive director of the Movement Voter Project, an organization founded in 2016 that channels funds to community organizers, mostly in swing states, who engage and galvanize voters. He added: 'Groups need money to make sure we have a good outcome next November. But. People. Are. Not. Donating.'"