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PATRIOT ALERT: The Oct. 1st U.S. Government Shutdown followed by a FEMA Emergency Alert Test

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Editor's Note: It ought to be quite obvious by now to every Patriot that the Biden administration is in very serious trouble—ALL OF THEM!  The irrefutable disclosures and radioactive revelations about the RICO-level criminal activity perpetrated by the Biden Crime Family, together with a nakedly corrupt Executive Branch guilty of outright treason, has put Biden's handlers in nonstop crisis mode. (See: Biden's clusterf*ck performance with Brazilian president Lula takes the cake!!! (3 videos)

This sordid state of affairs is now rapidly deteriorating in a downward spiral that foreshadows a death knell (political and/or physical) for POTUS Imposter Joe Biden.  However, the New World Order globalist cabal will not allow the Democrat brand to crash and burn before the 2024 elections.  Doing so would also see their Great Reset implementation plan go up in smoke.