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The Men With the Pitchforks Will Win; the Country Party Will Win

• By Elizabeth Nickson

When you drive the back roads of America, west of the Mississippi – probably east too but I can't say –  not the dirt roads, but the feeder highways – you drive past one ruination after another.  One broken town, one abandoned rotting farmhouse, one desolate scene after another, each representing a shattered family, broken lives.

I calculated that by 2010, fourteen million Americans had been driven out of rural America into the outskirts of the cities. I hired a policy guy, a statistician to help me crunch the numbers. I had come to the idea from Mark Dowie's work, and he had calculated that by 2001, twenty million indigenous and traditional peoples had been driven off their lands in the developing world by "conservation".  Which is to say "highly respected" organizations like the Sierra Club and World Wildlife, agents of the WEF and UN. To this day, the Masai, one of the world's great peoples, are under ceaseless attack by these ghastly people.

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