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The New York Times Help Wanted:Looking for an AI Editor to Start Publishing Stories Six Figure...

• by Roger Friedman

But it looks like the Times is going let bots do their journalism. They're looking for "a senior editor to lead the newsroom's efforts to ambitiously and responsibly make use of generative artificial intelligence."

I'm not kidding. How the mighty have fallen. It's on their job listings.

Have we reached the end of civilization now?

"This editor will be responsible for ensuring that The Times is a leader in GenAI innovation and its applications for journalism. They will lead our efforts to use GenAI tools in reader-facing ways as well as internally in the newsroom. To do so, they will shape the vision for how we approach this technology and will serve as the newsroom's leading voice on its opportunity as well as its limits and risks. "

Here are the qualifications for this job, which pays between $180,000 and $200,000: