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Neo-Marxism and the End of Language

•, By Dr Naomi Wolf

Language is changing in America; indeed, probably throughout the West. And the changes are not good.

The changes I see being introduced into English speech in America, are designed to kill off the practices and assumptions of individual freedom and responsive representation that have also been embedded for generations in us as a people.

The language and language practice changes that have arisen in the past few years tend to "deconstruct" (a favorite word of the globalist elite) the core concepts upon which the West has been built for four millennia. They also tend to subvert the norms of representational government that America has practiced since its founding. The new phrasings, cliches and speech patterns replace those foundational Western concepts with Marxist/feudalist and oligarchical concepts.

Language, of course, always changes. That is why we distinguish "living" from "dead languages." "Dead languages" have stopped changing because they are not in use by living societies.

However, the new language usages that concern me are not from language changing organically, the way it used to — that is to say, via changes in sensibility and usage; via new inventions arising and requiring terminologies, or old habits, traditions and objects passing out of memory. In other words, the changes being imposed on our language and language practices are not arising for the same reasons that we no longer talk about "voyageurs" rather than salesmen, or why we no longer discuss wielding a "bare bodkin".

Rather, the same monsters who have taken the rest of human civilization into their grip for the last two years, to establish their neo-Marxist/feudalist globalist oligarchy, are deliberately driving artificial changes in language and language practices.