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Historical Analysis (1897-Present): Crimes Committed against the People of Palestine...

•, By Richard Dunn

On Saturday October 7, 2023 the military section of Hamas in Gaza, one of the National Liberation organizations of Palestine, initiated a military incursion inside Israel, killing many Israeli civilians. The corporate media, politicians, and some in the international community, are desperately trying to convince us that this was an "unprovoked" attack.

This characterization is so banal, simplistic, and loaded with falsehood, one could ignore the misinformation were it not for the fact that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict stems from a long history of injustice. Just this year for example, before Hamas' military action, independent media and human rights organizations reported that over 225 Palestinians, including children, have been killed by Israeli security forces. But there's much more; lets trace the historical background.

The Context of the Current Conflict

The genesis of the current Israeli/Palestine conflict began in 1897 when the First Zionist Congress was held in Switzerland, establishing the World Zionist Movement.

The Jews strove for their own homeland after suffering systemic anti-semitism and pogroms in Europe. The Zionists initially considered countries like Cyprus, Argentina, Uganda, and the State of Texas in the United States. However they ultimately decided on Palestine, the historic homeland of the Jews where Arabs had been living for thousands of years and now owned close to 100 percent of the land. Liberal Zionists like Achad Ha'am wanted to coexist with the Arabs but a more violent element of the Zionist settlers wanted to displace them.