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WaPo Drops Bombshell On The Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Narrative:

•, by Tyler Durden

Consider the source (and the timing)...

No lesser deep-state mouthpiece than The Washington Post just dropped a bombshell with the revelation that Ukrainian Colonel Roman Chervinsky "was integral to the brazen sabotage operation" on the Nord Stream pipeline, "according to officials in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe, as well as other people knowledgeable about the details of the covert operation."

The bombing, dubbed a "dangerous assault on Europe's energy infrastructure" by US and Western officials at the time, marked a critical juncture in the ongoing tensions between Russia and the West. By targeting the pipeline, the operatives (whoever they were) struck a blow to a critical artery of Russian energy exports, a sector that has been at the heart of European-Russian economic relations.

Additionally, as the Goebbels-ian narrative that 'Russia did it' was pushed by mainstream media (and politicians), it enabled further 'aid' to be sent to Ukraine, to 'protect interests'.

Chervinsky, a senior figure within Ukraine's Special Operations Forces, was allegedly the "coordinator" of the attack on the Nord Stream pipeline. The operation, executed with precision and secrecy, involved deep-sea diving and explosive charges, ultimately resulting in substantial damage to the pipeline which Ukraine had long complained would allow Russia to bypass Ukrainian pipes, depriving Kyiv of huge transit revenue.

Of course, as one would expect, the Ukrainian Colonel, via his counsel, refutes any involvement in the pipeline sabotage, blaming Russia for this accusation.